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Louis and Jabada Kemp

Growing up in the South, family and friend gatherings have always been moments to cherish. Outdoor cooking, from Grama’s recipes to Dad’s Southern grilling style, has consistently been a highlight, offering unique flavors that captivate our attention.

My journey led me to Tennessee, where I played football for Middle Tennessee State University. This experience expanded my imagination as I traveled to opposing stadiums, witnessing diverse tailgating setups and people savoring the moments before the games—pre-game highlights in themselves.

After my college football tenure, I chose to make the beautiful Middle Tennessee area my home, alongside my wife, Jabada, and our three sons, Jaylin, Charles, and Jabari. Their unwavering support for the idea of a BBQ Grill supply store has been boundless. Together, we are committed to serving others and creating an environment for enjoyable outdoor leisure grilling!

Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a weekend grilling enthusiast, we have the perfect tools to suit your style, from top-of-the-line grills to a variety of flavorful charcoal and wood options.

Our dedicated team is here to assist you in choosing the ideal gear, sharing pro tips, and ensuring you have everything you need for unforgettable BBQ gatherings.

Come visit us today at 'The Smoke Box Unlimited' and turn your backyard into a BBQ paradise!
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